Kenya Kirinyaga Konyu Factory

Kenya Kirinyaga Konyu Factory

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This Kenyan coffee jewel comes to us from the Kirinyaga county in Central Kenya. Kirinyaga county is one of six counties that extend outward from Mt. Kenya, a land with rich volcanic loam soil and high altitudes with lush forests, perfect conditions for growing incredible coffee.

Konyu milling station, or factory as they are known in Kenya, is a coffee processing station that, along with 10 others, comprises the Karabe Farmer's Cooperative Society, made of 10,000 contributing smallholder farmers. Konyu factory itself is made up of 1,000 of these smallholder farming households, each of which contributes an average of 45lbs of green coffee seed, or roughtly 3/4 of a coffee bag.

Smallholder farmers sell their coffee in a market that is competitive in pricing based on quality of the coffee and many of the small holder farmers are encouraged to grow high quality coffee that demands a higher price. As such, many of the smallholder farmers that belong to the Karabe FCS Co-op are considered middle class.

This coffee is sorted in the British coffee grading system and is classified as an AB coffee with a screen density or 16-18, above average density and average moisture content and water activity. This has lent itself well when roasting the coffee and has made for some very short and sweet roasted batches. We can't wait for you to try!

Brewing Recommendations:

This is a great coffee to brew with a filter coffee brewer, be it a Chemex or v60 or any filter brewing device of your choice. Some might consider it odd or even an offense, but we are absolutely enamored by the bright, juicy flavors we find when going for a slightly higher coffee to water brewing ratio and an under-extracted cup of coffee. This coffee is truly meant to be brewed to your heart's desire.

Producer Konyu Factory (Milling Station)
Region Kirinyaga, Kenya
Farm Smallholder farms comprising 1,000 contributing farming households into the Konyu Factory in Kirinyaga County.
SL28, SL34, Riuri 11, Batian
Process Fully washed after depulping and fermenting, soaked in clean water from abundant water sources near the washing station and finally dried on raised beds
Altitude 1,700-1,900 masl
Harvested October 2019 - January 2020
Tasting Notes

Cedar-like dry aroma.

Ruby red grapefruit acidity, honey and blood orange sweetness, dominant chocolate note, savory tomato, 

Tea like mouthfeel and very juicy. Slight lime, black cherry, and kiwi.