Honduras - Finca El Pepenance

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Sourced from the David Sabillon of the Jesus Sabillon family of the La Higuera village in Santa Barbara, Honduras. 

A vital component in our Slow Ride Espresso Blend, this Honduras is perfect for a single origin blend that has a balance of sweetness and just enough citric acidity with a rounded berry finish.

The cherries are picked carefully, based on ripeness, and de-pulped. After de-pulping, the coffee is left in its parchment and left to dry ferment for 15 hours. It is then rinsed and placed in barrels full of water four times to rinse. 

After the washing process, the coffee is dried under parabolic solar dryers for 14 days. Then it is sorted by hand to remove defective coffees and packaged in bags. 

We approach the single origin roasting profile of this Honduras to highlight the complexity in this seemingly tame coffee so that you have the opportunity to enjoy the brighter characteristics of this offering and distinguish it from the profile developed in our espresso blend. 


This coffee is perfect for a morning brew and a treat for a morning coffee that has a sweet profile with a little complexity to make things interesting and flavorful. We recommend brewing this coffee in a conical or flat bottom brewer and have found that it really shines as a pour over in an Origami Brewer at a standard brewing ratio.


Producer David Y Jesus Sabillon


Region La Higuera, Santa Barbara, Honduras
Farm El Pepenance

Parinema, Pacamara


Washed Process

Tasting Notes Sweet, dominant citric character with a rounded berry finish  


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