Hario V60 Brewer - Ceramic
Hario V60 Brewer - Ceramic

Hario V60 Brewer - Ceramic

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The Hario V60 Brewer is by far one of the most popular coffee brewing methods in cafes around the world. 

This ceramic coffee brewer is what we use at our cafe when breading coffee for customers that we are the most proud of.

We trust these brewers to allow us to make coffee that represents the best in coffee that we can brew.

Prepping the Brewer:

When selecting the ceramic brewer, be mindful of the need for a hot water kettle with a high capacity (1liter or more) as ceramic is a great conductor and will usually require heating up with water before proper brewing.

Remember to prep your coffee filter by wetting it first and allowing the water to drip through completely before adding coffee grounds.