Slow Ride Espresso Blend

Slow Ride Espresso Blend

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Our Slow Ride blend is made up of  50% Colombia and 50% Honduras, each component contributing it's unique profile to create a well developed espresso roast.

The Colombian coffee is sourced from Shady Y Elias Baytar of El Vergel Estate in Tolima, Colombia. We start with a coffee that is perfectly mild in acidity for a traditional espresso profile and accentuate the sweet chocolate flavors as well as develop the coffee to produce a pronounced roasted taste. 

The Honduras is sourced from David Sabillon in the El Higuera village of Santa Barbara, Honduras. This component introduces more of the familiar sweet aromatics and flavors found in our Colombian component but adds a citric acidity and a rounded berry finish that brings the espresso to life with a harmonious balance of sweetness and acidity.

The Slow Ride coffee is the perfect coffee for a dinner party, an easy to sip morning brew, or crowd pleaser office go-to. It is a properly developed coffee for espresso.

We've dedicated long hours dialing in our coffee roasting profile to bring out the best aromatics and flavors from these coffees and hope that you enjoy it as much as we do!


Shady Y Elias Baytar - Colombia / David Y Jesus Sabillon - Honduras

Region El Vergel Estate - Colombia / El Pepenance - Honduras
Farm Single family estate operated by Marta Rubi, Shady, and Elias Baytar in the mountain region of Tolima, Colombia / Single family farm operated by David y Jesus Sabillon of the Sabillon family on the lake-facing side of the mountain of La Higuera in Santa Barbara, Honduras.

Colombia - Regionals, Catuai, Typica / Honduras - Parainema, Pacamara


Colombia - Washed Process / Honduras - Fully Washed

Tasting Notes Tobacco, Caramel, Cinnamon, Sweet Chocolate, Berry, Citric Acidity, Full Body Mouthfeel


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