Costa Rica - Francisco Jimenez

Costa Rica - Francisco Jimenez

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When we first cupped this Costa Rica, we expected there to be a lot more acidity in the coffee. Turns out we just hadn't quite dialed in our roast. After several roasts and tastings, we found a delightful roundedness in this coffee.

The coffee has acidity the likes of which we've come to find in Costa Rican coffees from the Tarrazu region with a pleasant rounded floral flavor profile that makes this a great coffee for those who are looking for interesting flavors without the sharp flavor notes of some of the more eccentric coffees.

This coffee is great for filter in a v60, Kalita, or any pour over brewing method.

Producer Francisco Jimenez
Region San Martin
Farm Finca La Manzana
Catuai, Caturra
Process Washed Process, Dried on Raised Beds
Altitude 1850 Meters Above Sea Level
Tasting Notes
Green Apple, Grape, Plum Stone Fruit, Floral - Light acidity with smooth flavor