Colombia Marta Rubi

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 This coffee is roasted just on the line of our lighter to medium developed coffees, and we highly suggest trying out lower temp water (approx. 201F to start) and medium ground coffee before going finer. We hope you enjoy this coffee as much as we do! 



Grown by Shady Bayter

Picked and sorted by Women's co-op

Processed by Elias


Region Fresno Township, Tolima, Colombia
Farm El Vergel Estate
Red Bourbon

 Natural Anaerobic Fermentation. The coffee is picked and sorted to high standards to remove coffee that is under-ripe or past peak ripeness. Damaged coffee is also sorted out.

A refractometer is then used to measure the sweetness of the coffee and ensure that only coffee above a decided threshold is used.

The coffee is allowed to ferment in a sealed vat which gives the coffee growers control over the amount of air available to natural yeast that feeds on the coffee cherry's natural sugars, allowing for more control over the production of lactic acid that will affect the over all taste of the coffee.

This process is essentially starving the yeast of the normal supply of oxygen available in open air fermentation tanks and is known as Anaerobic Fermentation.

Altitude 1450 masl
Tasting Notes
Fruity, strawberry jam, prune and sweet, green apple, malic acidity, smooth, fermented cacao nib finish