Colombia - El Vergel Estate

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Sourced from Shady Y Elias Baytar of El Vergel Estate in Fresno, Tolima in Colombia. Our single origin Colombia is mild in acidity.

Although this is the same Colombia that is used in our Slow Ride Espresso Blend, we approach our single origin roasting profile with a lighter foot on heat application which allows less of the acids in the coffee to be destroyed during development.

This results in a coffee that still has mild acidity and a sweet profile of caramel, cacao, a honey finish but with the accentuated malic acidity of red apple.


This is a great coffee for brewing in an immersion brewer such as an Aero Press, French Press, or Clever Dripper and is also a great coffee for brewing in a Conical brewer such as a v60 or Origami brewer, where you really see the malic acidity highlighted in every sip.



Shady Baytar, Elias Baytar

Region Fresno, Tolima, Colombia
Farm El Vergel Estate

Regionals, Caturra, Typica - majority 18 screen size


Washed Process - 12 to 24 hour fermentation in mucilage, dried in sun patios 10 to 15 days.

Tasting Notes Caramel, Honey, Cocoa, Cinnamon, Red Apple, Sweet, Medium body


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