Mexico Chiapas CESMACH Cooperative

Mexico Chiapas CESMACH Cooperative

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 This coffee is one that is very near and dear to us. The CESMACH cooperative was founded in 1994 after the dismantling of the International Coffee Agreement that saw many farmers throughout the world lose security in the way they were paid for coffee.

In late 2019, our coffee shop was fortunate enough to have been visited and educated by our great friend, Gil Robles, about the situation in the coffee growing region of the Sierra Madre in the Mexican State of Chiapas.

Contributing members of CESMACH grow their coffee in the ecologically protected tropical forests of the Sierra Madre, where endangered wild animals, such as the Guatemalan national bird, the Quetzal, are able to live free of pesticides related to the production of coffee.

This Coffee:

This is a delicious chocolatey coffee grown in an ecologically sound system. The chocolate flavors in the coffee are balanced out by salted caramel sweetness and accentuated by a light honey flavor profile. This coffee is a big contributor to our delicious Slow Ride Espresso blend and also stands up great on its own.

We recommend this coffee for those who love to brew their coffee in an immersion brewer such as a french press or an aero-press, but we've had great results brewing it on a v60 in our cafe as well.

Producer Cooperativa Campesinos Ecológicos de la Sierra Madre de Chiapas
Region Sierra Madre, Chiapas, Mexico
Farm Contributing members of CESMACH from the Sierra Madre Region of Mexico
Bourbon, Caturra, Typica, Mundo Novo
Process Fully Washed and Dried in Sun
Altitude 900 - 1750 Meters Above Sea Level
Tasting Notes
Honey, Salted Caramel, Sweet Chocolate