SOLD OUT - Burundi Bizura Muruta

SOLD OUT - Burundi Bizura Muruta

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Smallholder Farmers

Organized around Salum Ramadhan's Buzira Coffee Washing Station

Region Muruta, Kayanza
Farm Smallholder Farmers in the Muruta Community 
Banian, Jackson, K7, Mbirizi 49, Mbirizi 68, SL28

Triple Washed

Floated cherries - coffee cherries that float (underripe) are removed for consistency in flavor and quality

Pulpled (separating coffee cherry and seed) and fermented

Washed again post fermentation

Dried on raised beds (raised beds increase air circulation - allows coffee to air dry from top and bottom.)

Altitude 1900-2100 masl
Tasting Notes
Floral, Cranberry, Cherry, Raisin, Honey