Ethiopia Testi Ayla Shenta Wene

Ethiopia Testi Ayla Shenta Wene

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This coffee is interesting in that it is 100% worth brewing dynamically! What do we mean by this? Some coffees are easy to throw in a box and brew the same day after day. This Ethiopian natural processed gem begs to differ. We took a chance on advice given to us by our coffee importers and brewed this coffee at two temperatures:

The first coffee coffee we brewed at a lower temperature than normal for lighter roasted coffee at 186 degrees Fahrenheit. The result was a fruity coffee, if slightly akin to the tale-tale signs of under-extraction with interesting acidic (sour?) tasting notes of watermelon sorbet, grapfruit, red grape and strawberry!

The second cup we brewed at our regular brewing temperature of 204 degrees Fahrenheit for lighter roasted naturals and found more of the deep, winey flavor that surprised us, well more taken aback, as well as some milk chocolate, apricot, lemon, the persistent watermelon taste, and a buttery, cobbler like finish.

We will definitely be brewing this coffee for Chemex and v60 pour overs but are excited to try out some more methods and will report back if we find anything that we think you should try!

Brewing Recommendations:

While you might find yourself understandably hesitant to experiment with such a high profile coffee (with a high profile price), we urge you to go outside of your brewing comfort zone.

Coffees like this natural process Shenta Wene (it is customary, and often times easier, to refer to coffees by their washing station or district of origin) deserve the extra attention and time and the curiosity of experimentation that sparks delight in the most eccentric coffee brewers. 

We will be brewing this coffee at our cafe as soon as our roaster has coffee prepared for brewing in house and we are super stoked to experiment with different brew methods. One thing is for sure: we will definitely be seeing the end of this brutal summer out with a daily cup of this Ethiopia brewing on a chemex and poured over a cup full of crisp ice because we deserve it! ;)

Producer Select coffee producers organized around Testi Ayla washing station
Region Shenta Wene Kebele (ward), Bensa Woreda (district), Sidama Zone. Ethiopia
Farm Producers from farms organized around Testi Ayla washing station
Process Meticulously sorted and floated coffee cherries, sealed in grainpro bags for 6 days to ferment, then dried on raised beds for 21 days - Raised bed, natural process organic
Altitude 1900 - 2100 masl
Tasting Notes

Red cherry, watermelon sorbet, grape, strawberry syrup, milk chocolate. Slight buttery, cobbler taste.Very winey


A note from the roaster: While this may be the highest priced coffee we have ever offered, we are just below breaking even after accounting for moisture loss, production and packaging costs. At $28/lb, this is the most expensive coffee we have ever purchased, and that is saying something.

The average price we pay for our coffee is approx. $7.57/lb for un-roasted green coffee, at a time when most roasters are purchasing coffee at rock bottom, commodity pricing that steals from coffee producers, those whose hard work lays the foundation for the specialty coffee industry that we have all come to love.

Why pay so much for green coffee to see little return? We wanted to get the best coffee that we could to provide amazing coffee for our wonderful customers. Our goal with this Ethiopia was to source an incredible, world class coffee and roast it to the best of our abilities.

We purchased special packaging, roasted tons of sample batches, cupped and cupped all of the samples, and finally landed on a profile that we could be proud to serve and sell to you, the true coffee lovers of our community.

We truly hope that you enjoy this coffee as much as we do and look forward to many more years of treats such as this one!