SOLD OUT - Ethiopia Gelgelu Edema -Banti Balo

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Those who have worked in the coffee industry or are big fans of coffee know what to expect when they order a natural. 

Natural process coffees have their lovers and their detractors, but there's no mistaking that they're a very interesting cup of coffee. While washed/wet-process coffees have very clean and refined flavor profiles, naturals tend to prefer a more funky approach to waking you up in the morning.

This light roasted Ethiopian coffee from the Gedeb region is grown by Gelgelu Edema and his family. They allow the coffee seed to dry in the cherry on raised beds, imparting into the coffee interesting notes of blueberry, blackberry, Strawberry and Lemon.

While this coffee may not be for everyone, this is a great coffee to dip your toes into the varying world of natural processed coffees.

This coffee is great for filter in a v60, Kalita, or any pour over brewing method. We have brewed this coffee in an immersion brewer (Aeropress) successfully as well!

Producer Gelgelu Edema & Family
Region Banti Balo, Gedeb Woreda
Farm Banti Balo
74110, 74112, Kurume, Wolisho
Process Natural Process, Dried in Fruit on Raised Beds
Altitude 2040+ Meters above Sea Level
Tasting Notes
Blackberry, Bergamot, Blueberry, Strawberry, Lemon