Slow Ride Espresso Blend

Slow Ride Espresso Blend

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Our Slow Ride Espresso is the result of us trying out multiple coffee blends until we found something that we felt proud to use for our espresso.

Made up of 35% Colombia Cauca AMUCC, 35% Mexico Chiapas CESMACH, and 30% Sumatra Takengon Sara Ate Cooperative, this coffee takes the great flavors from each contributing coffee and creates a flavor profile to fulfill a role greater than the sum of its parts.

The Colombian coffee from the Women's Cooperative in Cauca introduces a delicious molasses sweetness and rich nutty flavors that are then accentuated by the chocolatey nature of the Mexico Chiapas from the CESMACH cooperative.

Lastly, we introduce Sumatran coffee to balance the sweet and chocolatey flavors from the first two contributors with a touch of butterscotch and earthy flavors.

The Slow Ride coffee is the perfect blend for a dinner party, morning coffee, and is a properly developed coffee for espresso.

We've dedicated long ours to dialing in our roast profile to bring out the best flavors we can out of our coffee and hope that you enjoy it as much as we do.

Producer Colombia AMUCC, Mexico CESMACH, Sumatra Sara Ate Cooperative

Cauca, Colombia. Chiapas, Mexico. Takengon, Sumatra.

Farm Contributing farmers to three cooperatives from three countries.
Varietals Caturra, Castillo, Lini S-795, Typica, Catuai
Process Washed Process Mexico, Washed Process Colombia, Wet-Hulled Sumatra
Altitude Varied