El Salvador - Apaneca Las Ninfas

El Salvador - Apaneca Las Ninfas

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Nutty for our first batch which retained more heat than expected during roast and definitely has a dark chocolate taste toward the end.

As with most coffees that we've been roasting and brewing recently, this coffee is going to benefit from a quicker brew at slightly lower temperatures than usual.

We have recommended brewing lighter roasted coffees with water temps around 202-204, but brewing this coffee with lower temps of 194-198 and a slightly coarser grind than is conventional brings out a juicy cup profile that presents you with pineapple and blackberry right away, with raw honey sweetness and a comforting white grape sweetness.

Brewing this coffee in a v60 will be our recomnendation, though we're sure it'd be just as great in a Chemex or flat bottom brewer!


Brewing Recommendations:


Producer Ricardo Valdivieso and family, single lot producers
Region Apaneca (city/area) Ahuachapan (district), El Salvador
Farm Fina Las Ninfas, Valdivieso family
Pacamara, a larger coffee than most
Process Natural process coffee dried on raised beds
Altitude 1620 - 1730 masl
Tasting Notes
Blackberry, fruity, pineapple, raw honey sweet, white grape sweetness, tartaric acidity, clean taste profile, juicy viscocity in v60 brews