Colombia El Vergel Estate Gesha

Colombia El Vergel Estate Gesha

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This is a very special coffee for us at Fulton Street Coffee. We started working directly with El Vergel estate in the begining of the the current global pandemic. We found ourselves in meed of a stand-out coffee and Shady and his team were looking for buyers for their excellently process anaerobic fermentation coffee. The first meeting over our computers, I knew that this was going to be the start of a great coffee trading relationship!

The first trade led to us buying coffee directly from Martha and her two sons, Elias and Shady, for our espresso blend, and now we are proud to present to you this coffee: a 100% Gesha varietal, natural process, anaerobically fermented coffee dried on raised beds and finished with machine precision to ensure proper screen size and separation of coffee seed from the cherry before.

This coffee is by far our pride and joy, and we are elated to finally be able to share it with you!

Brewing this coffee with a slightly fine grind and water at appx. 202-204F, you'll find notes of guava, plums, high quality cacao notes found in only the highest quality bars of chocolate, and a sweet grape juice like end with a fresh rose petal finish. We will definitely be preparing v60 brews of this particular coffee at our cafe, but please, be our guest and treat yourself to a bag of incredibly delicious coffee for home.

One thing that we hadn't even mentioned is that, like many of the other coffees grown in El Vergel Estate, this coffee serves to fund solutions to local social issues. Proceeds from the El Vergel Gesha are used to purchase computers for local children who are not able to attend school during the pandemic or otherwise due to remote living conditions.

While our business has seen better days, we are extremely grateful that circumstances brought El Vergel Estate and Fulton Street Coffee together to trade coffees directly from Colombia to California.

Brewing Recommendations:

Highly recommend to brew this coffee at a slightly finer than usual v60 brew with temperatures at 200-204F to properly extract the floral aromatics of this coffee.

Producer El Vergel Estate, Shady & Elias Bayter
Region Fresno (city/area), Tolima (district), Colombia
Farm El Vergel Estate
Process Anaerobic Natural Process, natural process coffee 52-hours fermentation in stainless steel tanks, dried intermitently in sun for 30 days at the lowest bed of 3 tier drying bed, finished mechanically to separate cherry from seed, stored in air sealed grain pro bags for 3 months to ensure maturation of coffee. 
Altitude 1,500 masl
Tasting Notes
Liche, guava, plums, fresh rose petal florals, high cacao chocolate, grape juice